The World of Grandpa Don

My Family

Grandpa Don has three families. I first knew my adopted family, expanded by marriage and children.

At the age of 75 I became acquainted with my "natural" families with their own genealogy.

I first learned of my natural mother's family, the Cecora / Lossner clan along with my surviving older brother.

Then learned of my natural father's family, the Copeland clan along with my younger brother and three surviving sisters.

They are as one to me, one no less a part of my life than the other. These pages will serve to record their stories as I know them. 


The Family Tree
A poem

"In every conceivable manner,
the family is
link to our past,
bridge to our future."

Alex Haley

Grandpa Don

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Our Children and their Families & a Special Friend
Genealogy and family history are included in these links.
Dan & Karen 

Nick, Kelsey
& Ana
Anne Marie
& Dom Albano

Dominick, Anthony,
Marc & Joe
Tom Plefka
Caitlin & Kelly
Our Parents, their families & Genealogy
Joseph Plefka
Sylvia Simousek

My adopted parents ...
My "Mom & Dad"
The Story of My Adoption Harry Lawler
Anne  Montrym

Anne's Parents ...
Also "Mom & Dad" to me.
My Genealogy:

My Adopted parents' and Anne's parents' genealogy and stories are found above in the Plefka & Lawler links.Family Tree 

For my natural genealogy go to the details below. There is a large "Pedigree" Chart that will show how all my known ancestors. The fan chart below lists the first 4 generations of my ancestors. All names have links to additional information.  Move your cursor over the chart to find the links. The fourth generation, my 2nd great-grandparents also have links to their pedigree charts showing the family ancestry as far as we know it. Have fun with this chart.

Pedigree Fan
My Newly Discovered Natural Parents and Our Genealogy
My Mother's Family - Her Genealogy
The Story of Lucie Lossner
My Mother
and the Cecora Family.
The Husmann/Lossner/
Genealogy Time Line
Our Packard Mystery
Unknown Parents of
Shepard Packard
Husmann - Lossner - 1800's
My Mother was a Lossner.
The Palinchik
A Possible
Packard Mayflower Connection
My Father's Family - His Genealogy
The Copeland Family Tree The Copeland
The Thayer
Family Tree
The Doolittle
Family Tree
The Lewis
The Royce
The Munson
The Curtis
The Bullen
The Underwood
Cudworth Family
The Hall
The Cooke/Moulton/Green
The Copland Family Royal Heratage
Page One
Royal Heritage
Page Two  Plantagenet Kings Page Three
The House of Wessex
Page Four - William and the Normans
Page Five
Charlemagne and his Ancestors

The Family Saints
Royal Research &
 Family Trivia
The Mingling of Family Lines
Intermarriages of the
Alden, Copeland, Packard & Thayer Families
Famous Cousins
Distant relatives of Grandpa Don sharing common ancestors who arrived in America on the Mayflower
 I Find My Families
My Adoption
The first meeting
Cecora / Plefka Families
The second meeting of
Cecora / Plefka Families
The first meeting of
Copeland / Plefka
 My Life
How I became  Grandpa Don
Biographical  Reminiscences
What's New?
The latest Events
in the World of
Grandpa Don
From the Pen of Grandpa Don
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My Life Story
  My Adoption Story 


United at last - 2007
Jim Cecora - Don Plefka - John Copeland
Rita Barilla - Irene & Marilyn Copeland


Don with his children
& their spouses
Birthday - 2006



On October 25, 2003 the family gathered for the wedding of my grandson Dominick and the family was increased in six with the addition of Sarah. Welcome Sarah.

The Albano Branch
Dominick III, Anthony, Dominick IV,
Marc, Anne Marie, & Joe

Grandpa's Family Oct, 2003.jpg (137876 bytes) The Plefka Branches
(top) Dan, Nick, Diane, Tom
(Bottom) Karen, Caitlin, Ana, Kelly, Kelsey

Starting an new branchMarried 2.jpg (121843 bytes)

The newest member,
Sarah with Dominick IV

Don & Bella
My 1st great granddaughter
Isabella Ann Albano

Don & Great Grandaughter Isabella

Grandkids - Christmas 1997

02112813.JPG (80298 bytes) 02113001.JPG (72520 bytes)

Christmas 1997

Thanksgiving, 2003

Top Row from Left to right:
 Anthony, Joe, Nick, Marc & Dominick
Bottom from left to right: 
Kelly, Caitlin, Kelsey & Ana 

Top Row L-R:
Marc, Nick, Anthony & Joe
Middle: Kelsey & Grandpa Don
Bottom L-R:
Ana, Kelly & Caitlin
Sarah & Dominick