The World of Grandpa Don

The Lossner / Husmann / Plefka

My Mother was a Lossner. The Lossner family was tied to the Husmann Family.
This page traces their family line down to the children of Grandpa Don, stretching from 1800 to 1963 and beyond, showing their history alongside some of the history of the United States.

This is that story, as I know it.

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The family tree is presented in the form of a time line to give a sense of history during the lifetimes of the family members. You will find the family members at the right. Clicking on a Blue highlighted name will cause a pop-up window to display the known information on that person.
Details about most living persons are omitted for their privacy. Major inventions are also listed, not necessarily when invented but when they became developed for first practical use.


Year Wars & Inventions President Family Genealogy        
1800           Carl August Lossner        
1801 Barbary War   Thomas Jefferson            
1807     F W Husmann          
1809     James Madison          
1810 Gas Lights            
1812   War of 1812          
1813 Creek
Indian War
1815 Barbary War          
1817     James Monroe          
1820     Elizabeth Meinke        
1825 Erie Canal   John Quincy Adams        
1829     Andrew Jackson        
1836 War of Texas Independence          
1837 Telegraph   Martin Van Buren        
1840     ──────┤         
1841     William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
  Heinrich A Lossner        
1843 Steamboat Invented     Lucy Husmann        
1845     James K Polk          
1846 Mexican War            
1849     Zachery Taylor          
1850 Railroads   Millard Fillmore          
1853     Franklin Pierce          
1857     James Buchanon          
1860   Pony
1861 Civil War Abraham Lincolon          
1865   Andrew Johnson            
1869     Ulysses S Grant            
1876 Telephone              
1877     Rutherford B Hayes            
1879 Electric
Arc Lamp
1880       Richard Frederick Lossner          
1881 First electric street lights   James Garfield
Chester A Arthur
1882       Clara Florence Packard        
1893 Automobile            
1885     Grover Cleveland          
1889     Benjamin Harrison          
1893     Grover Cleveland          
1897     William McKinley          
1898 Spanish-American War            
1900     Alden James Copeland        
1901     Theodore Roosevelt        
1902 Industrial
Air Conditioning
Wedding Photo        
1903 Airplane          
1904       Florence Lucile Lossner        
1908 Model T Ford            
1909 Radio   William Howard Taft          
1913     Woodrow Wilson          
1917 WW I            
1921     Warren G Harding          
1923     Calvin Coolidge          
  Home Refrigerators          
1929     Herbert Hoover          
1930     ──────┬──────        
1931       Donald James Plefka          
1932     Anne Marie Lawler          
1933     Franklin D Roosevelt          
1938 Florescent Lamp          
1940 Rural Electrification          
1941 WW II TV          
1945   Harry S Truman          
Air Conditioning
1950 Korean War            
1953   Dwight D Eisenhower          
1955     ──────┼──────        
1956     Daniel J Plefka        
1958       Anne Marie Plefka        
1960 Viet Nam War              
1961   John F Kennedy            
1963   Lyndon B Johnson     Thomas James Plefka        
  Color TV              
1969   Richard Nixon              


There is an interesting story about a son of  Carl August Lossner,  as well as a little family history. See Rev. Frederich August Herman Lossner . You will read of my my great grand uncle, his adventures as a circuit rider and encounter with the notorious Jessie James ... and more.

My Family

Husmann - Lossner

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