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Christmas 2011 


"Silent Night" is a gift of Frank (Grandpa) Schober

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During this season of love many stories are shared. These have been sent to me, often several times.

Share them with your friends by clicking on the LINK button and addressing it from your own address book.

Grandpa Don

Christmas 2011

My Christmas Prayer & Blessing 

Christmas past ...

My Christmas Prayer & Blessing 
The Reason For the Season
A Different View of the Christmas Story
Christmas 2004 - Photos 
Toothless Grin
Christmas Reality!

Merry Christmas, My Friend 
The Rifle

'Tis a Wonderful Christmas!
God's surprise visits  
Teach the Children
A Baby's Hug At Christmas
The Garage Sale Christmas
The Shopping Spree
Happy Holidays Everyone

The More I Love Christmas
The Dime ... a beautiful Christmas Story

Christmas this 2001


O come, O come, Emmanuel

Christmas Cards - 2001
The Christmas Envelope

Christmas Love

In the Midst of Brokenness
The Tablecloth
A Heart Warming Christmas Story


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