The World of Grandpa Don

The Shopping Spree 

This would be the saddest Christmas 
for Leah, Timothy and Lynnette. 
Every Christmas money was tight, 
but this would be the tightest yet. 

Their mother and father 
had divorced a few years before. 
Father had moved out 
and left the family poor. 

Mama worked hard 
to make ends meet. 
Every night 
she would cry herself to sleep. 

"God, I know that Christmas 
is to celebrate your birth. 
I know that my children 
have been taught your worth" 
she said, "Lord, I just want 
to give my children the best that I can. 
If it be your will Lord, 
provide me with your plan". 

The Lord answered, 
"Mama, you are in my care. 
Your children will know 
that I am near". 

With that, 
Mama had to let it go. 
She had to trust God 
that He would pull through. 

Every night she prayed 
for the courage to believe. 
And every night she felt His warmth 
give her calm and ease. 

Just before Christmas, 
there was a knock on the door. 
A very wealthy woman appeared and said, 
"Mama, I'm taking you to the store!" 

"Get your purse 
and get your coat", she said. 
"We have shopping to do 
for Leah, Timothy and Lynnette. 

Mama assumed that this wealthy woman so kind, 
only intended to buy a gift or two 
so this family in need was not left behind. 

To the store they did arrive 
and the shopping carts were rolled out.
The wealthy woman nudged one toward Mama,
stating, "This will be fun, without a doubt!".

To the toy aisles they began.
The wealthy woman grabbing left and right.
"What would your kids like for Christmas, Mama?"
Mama was speechless and could not believe her eyes!

The wealthy woman shopped with delight.
Filling their carts for Leah, Timothy and Lynnette.
Mama thought with a smile,
"This will be the best Christmas yet!"

Other than a few things the kids had made at school
and some perfume that Nanny had helped to buy (for Mama),
there was nothing under the tree
and the children began to wonder if there really is a Santa.

"Just pray to Jesus", Mama said.
"Pray and believe 
that you are not forgotten 
while you are in bed asleep."

Leah whispered to Lynnette,
"Will Jesus bring us gifts this year?"
"I don't know", Lynnette replied.
And as she rolled over in bed her eyes were full of tears.

Mama was happy.
The time had finally come.
The presents were wrapped
and put out for everyone.

On Christmas Day,
they awoke to Timothy's screaming delight,
"Mama! Mama!
Jesus was here last night!"

Mama had warmth in her heart.
The first time in a while.
"Thank you God, for allowing me to believe",
she said to herself with a great big smile!

I love you Mama! 
Thanks for teaching us to believe!


The Shopping Spree

By Tawnda L. Thomas

 December, 2004

The World of Grandpa Don

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