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Christmas 2004 - Photos

Grandpa received many gifts for Christmas but the greatest was that his children and their families wanted to all come to his house for the holiday. And grandpa was engulfed in love. I am sure that Grandma was pleased as well. 

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Christmas Eve 2004
Dominick and Sarah had gone to join his parents and brothers at Grandma Albano's for the evening. At about 6:00 PM, my two sons and their families arrived bearing food and gifts.
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Caitlin, Ana, 
Kelsey & Kelly

They are joined by 
Nick, Tom & Karen


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My oldest son, Dan with his family Karen, Ana, Kelsey & Nick

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Just the grandkids ...
Ana , Nick &Kelsey

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Youngest son Tom and his family,
Diane, Caitlin & Kelly


Grandpa with all the Plefka grandkids

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Dan & Tom 
with their Dad

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Christmas Day, 2004
Dominick & Sarah served as host & hostess.
The Albano Family arrived in shifts, Joe & Anne Marie brought the food.
The other men followed with gifts.

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Sampson & Mikey take over Grandpa's chair.

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The Albano's
Anthony, Marc,
Dom & Anne Marie,
Sarah & Dominick,
and Joe.

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The Albano grandkids
Marc, Anthony, 
Sarah & Dominick, 
and Joe.

Grandpa gets surrounded 
(with love)

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Grandpa & his girl,
Anne Marie

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A festive group

It's like Sarah has always been a Granddaughter

P1010028.JPG (140649 bytes) Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas .

Some family is scattered by physical distance - Some by circumstances ~ or both.
But ... we are family ... we are friends. 

Here are some photos that came with cards this Christmas.

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From John and Inga Lawler - Bloomfield, MI
Maggie ~ Alec ~ Sarah

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

From the Grabow's
Grand Rapids, MI

Sarah's Sister and family

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Lora, Megan and Jim

Megan prays ...
"...  God Bless Dom ..."

Merry Christmas

From Sue Kalabus, ~ Springfield, IL
Sue's dad (background)
Her son, Rob & wife Tiffany
Her daughter Kiersten & husband Darrel 
with their son, Colton Andrew

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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The Kita's ~ Evergreen Park, IL
Sean ~15
Rick & Karen (Halford)

Merry Christmas ~ Far and Near


May the blessings brought by the Christ Child
permeate each and every one of us.
And may we, in turn, 
spread it to all the world. 

Christmas 2004 - Photos

The World of Grandpa Don

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