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Christmas of 2010

This Christmas of 2010 finds me again more blessed than in previous years. I continue to learn more about my heritage. My Christmas Prayer and Blessing have again been modified, not in spirit or intent, but in scope and in tune with my thoughts this year ... my world expands and changes as does my appreciation of life and God's blessings.


My Christmas Prayer

Dear Jesus, we celebrate your coming into the world 
to show us the way. 
May your light shine through us 
as we follow your way. 

Your birth is a great gift to the world. 
May we gratefully use your gifts 
for the betterment of others.

You came for the entire world. 
Let us not reject anyone but love and pray for all.


Grandpa Don


My Christmas Blessing

May God bless:
 Anne, His greatest gift to me,
and her parents Harry & Anne
and my parents
Al & Lucie -
Who gave the gift of Life
Joe & Sylvia -
Who gave the gift of nurturing that life.

May God Bless my brothers Jim and Ken,
my unnamed infant sister
and my sister Jean
May he bless and hold dear Robert, Joseph
 and the other  un-named infants  of Joe & Sylvia
who did not survive.

May God bless our ancestors
and all the many aunts, uncles and cousins
known & unknown who have completed their lives here.

May they all be in God's company
together with all those we love and miss.

May God bless our Children
May they prosper
living in love and happiness.

May God bless our Grandchildren
and Great-grandchild
May they continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom
staying forever close to God and His way.

May God bless my brothers and sisters and their families
May their lives be filled with your love,
And may You watch over them and care for them.

May God bless our Friends and Extended Family
May they be as as Blest by God as I have been.

God Bless Us All

Grandpa Don




My Christmas Prayer & Blessing

Grandpa Don Plefka
Christmas, 2006

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