Oscar James Thayer
 (1840 - 1879)

Oscar James Thayer born  on March 1, 1830 was one of 5 children of Lorenzo Thayer and Marcia Baker.

On the 14th of February, 1872 Oscar married  Abagail Amelia Doolittle. The family resided in Sumerset, Niagra, New York. They had two daughters, Jennie Marcia and Nelie Cordelia.

The Thayer Memorial lists Oscar as James O., however, his second wife’s death certificate, his daughter Nellie’s death certificate and his daughter Jennie's application for marriage, along with the Doolittle Memorial list him as Oscar J.

He was a carpenter and joiner.(cabinet maker) He died in New York on Christmas in 1879 and Abigail in Cleveland on 21 February, 1926.