Lucy Husmann

 Born in Indiana in 1843

Lucy's parents were Fredrich Wilhelm and Elizabeth (Meinke) Husmann. She was the first of seven children. In the early 1860's she married school teacher Heinrich (Henry) August Lossner. While he had teaching positions in various German Lutheran schools they raised a family of seven children.

William was born in 1865 in Michigan
Martin was born in 1966 also in Michigan
Herman was born in 1871 in Illinois
Elizabeth was born in June of 1874 also in Illinois
Otto was born in November of 1876 in S. Euclid, Ohio
Richard Fredrick was born on 7 Dec 1880 in S. Euclid, OH
Walter was born in Sept. of 1883, also in S Euclid

In about 1875 Henry accepted a position as teacher at St John's Lutheran Church in South Euclid, Ohio, the parish of Lucy's father. That would remain their home. Lucy died at the age of 80 on October 27, 1923. She was living with her unmarried sister Hannah (Joanna) and her son Otto at the time..