Harvey Louis Copeland
1875 - 19

Harvey (Lou) Copeland was one of five children of James Harvey Copeland and Alice Harriet Bingham.


He was born September 6, 1875 and lived his life in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding suburbs.

 He married Jennie Thayer who was born on August 11 1878. On May 2, 1900 Jennie gave birth to Alden James Copeland and 11 days later on May 13, she died.

Harvey returned to live with his parents along with his son. He was employed as a pressman in the printing business. We can assume that his father took the portraits shown here.


Harvey Louis served in the Spanish-American War in 1903. We do not know the dates of service but the war was short in duration lasting less than a year.

On January 21, 1904 Harvey Louis married Kathryn (Catherine) Ellen Stuart, born December 7, 1882. They were the parents of Mary Alice and Harvey Stuart Copeland. His son Alden (Al) was raised for the most part by Lou's parents.

Kathryn died on October 12, 1954 and Harvey Louis October 25, 1954.