Florence Lucile Lossner

 Born July 7, 1904 in Cleveland, Ohio

Lucile Middle age Tootsie


Lucy was the daughter of Richard Frederick Lossner and Clara Florence Packard, the first of four children and their only daughter. She seldom if ever used the name Florence, preferring Lucile or "Lucy" and was affectionately known as "Tootsie".

In 1923 she married Daniel Cecora, son of immigrant Italian parents and moved with him to live with his parents in Auburn, New York. It was there on the 19th of February in 1924 that their first son was born in their home.. It is reported that he was not breathing and his grandmother breathed life into him. She then took him to the Catholic church and had him baptized Anthony Daniel. The family did not stay long in Auburn but returned to Cleveland to live. Anthony Daniel was then known as James (Jim) Cecora. He didn't find out his original name until entering school. At that time he selected Robert as a middle name. While in the Army in WW II. It was legally changed to James Robert.

On the 23rd of September Kenneth Richard was born. Apparently, Daniel had similar mother-in-law problems as did Lucile and/or there were other problems. They were divorced about 1929.  Lucy and her two boys moved in with her parents.

Lucy kept company with Alden ("Al") Copeland, also divorced. The two apparently originally met while Lucy was in high school and visited relatives near his home. They had lost touch from about 1919 to 1930.  She became pregnant in late 1930 and was sent to live with a cousin and his wife in Chicago. She stayed at the home of Harry and Anna Marie Milns until the baby was born on May 6, 1931. He was named Harry Ronald Cecora. Arrangements were made for the child to remain at the hospital and to be available for adoption. Lucy returned home to Cleveland..Neither her two children nor any other family members were told of little Harry.

There were other men in the life of Lucy Lossner:
In  June of 1939 she and Calvin W Tropf  took up residence together with the two boys. They were family..There is no record of a marriage. Cal was a house painter and during the war he worked for Warner & Swasey, Machinery developers. Calvin died on November 16, 1945
Lucy married Paul Shippy on May 25, 1950. He was a truck driver. They lived near Hiram, Ohio and later moved to an apartment in Bedford. Paul died on January 27, 1966
In 1974, she and Andrew "Andy" Palkovic became a couple but delayed marriage because of  tax codes  were unfavorable to those who married after retirement. After a change in IRS rules they were married. Andy had worked for Republic Steel as a crane operator. They first lived in her apartment and later bought a trailer home near Chardon, Ohio.  Andy died November 3, 1989.

Lucy remained in Chardon until moving to an apartment in Ravenna for a couple of years. She went to live with her son Jim and his wife, Peggy, in Cleveland in July of 1999. Tootsie, active for all her 98 years was born to Eternal Life on July 9, 2001 after a brief illness in a convalescent facility Rocky River, Ohio.