Delight A Dean
 (1820 - 1897 )


She was one of nine children of Alba Dean and Sally Morgan.  She was born in Volney, NY in 1820.

 Delight married Chauncey Butler Doolittle in about 1842. They were the parents of five children. Chauncey was in the dairy business and gardening on a large scale. After her husband's death, Delight moved to Cleveland to live with her daughter Abigail Doolittle Thayer. Delight Dean died there on July 5, 1897.

Her grandfather Dean was born in Scotland and came to America before 1793. We know nothing of her grandmother on that side of the family.
Her Mother was Sally Morgan and the Morgan family was from New Haven, Connecticut with ties to several other families with roots in England.
Sally Morgan's mother was Eunice Doolittle which made Delight a fourth cousin to her husband, Chauncey Doolittle.
They (and we) are distant cousins of the famed flyer and US Army officer, Jimmy Doolittle with the nearest common relative in Abraham Doolittle (1649 - 1732)
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