Carl August Lossner

Born in Saxony, Germany on 15 October 1799

The Lossner familycame from Mugelin bei Oschatz, Saxony to USA, arriving at New York on 8 May, 1848 on the ship Emma from Bremen Germany. They located at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Carl August was married to Johanna Eleanora Fussel, who died at Sheboygan, Wisconsin in the cholera epidemic of 1853. Later he married again.

Last Occupation: Interior decorating
(Called white washing and stenciling.)

He was living with his son Heinrich August Lossner in Cleveland during the 1880 census but returned to Scheboygan where he died in 1883.

Their children:
(There is no record of the first 6 children born before the Lossner family moved to Mugeln, bei Oschatz, Germany.

Two of the older sons came to this country before the family did. One was on one of the Mississippi river boats and the family lost all track of
him. The other went to Cuba and in some trouble there was captured by the Spaniards and was taken to Spain and nothing was ever heard from him again.

Henrietta Charlotte Lossner, born 24 April 1835 in Mugeln bei Oschatz, (Leipzig), Saxony, Germany; She married Christian Wenz
29 September 1854 in Sheboygen, Wisconsin, USA. died Unknown

Friederich Ernst Lossner, born 22 May 1837; died Unknown, probably as an infant.

Rev. August Herman Lossner, born 28 June 1839 in Mugeln bei Oschatz, (Leipzig), Saxony, Germany; He married Charlotte Frederika Klebe 1863 in Rock Island, Illinois, USA, daughter of William Klebe and Elizabeth Behrehs. He died 29 January 1907 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon,

Heinrich August Lossner, born 29 June 1841 in Saxony; He married Lucy Husmann, daughter of Friedrich Husmann. He died 1896 in Cleveland, Ohio

Anna Eleanora Ernestine Lossner, born 01 July 1844. She married Christian Rinder.