Alden Parcus Copeland
 (1801 - 1852)

Alden Parcus Copeland was born on 23 Aug 1801 a child of Joseph Copeland and Sally Downer or Downing. He was born in either Vermont or Pennsylvania believed to be one of nine children.


Alden married Rachel Flemming, born April 30, 1815. They parented three boys and two girls.  The family was farming in either Green or Venango County, Pa. Farming was difficult and the area farms were not very productive due to poor soil conditions.


Alden P died Feb 5, 1852 and Rachel on December 26, 1884.

Alden Parcus' line of ancestors extended back to the early immigrants from England to the New England Colonies and, in fact, as his given name indicates, is a direct descendant of John Alden and Pricilla Mullins of Mayflower fame. He passes that distinction down to his descendants.  For the Pedigree Chart of Alden Parcus Copeland click here.