Alden James Copeland
 Born May 2, 1900

Al & Sue
Al Copeland Child Al Copeland 1960's
"Al" was born in Ohio, the son of Harvey Lewis Copeland and Jennie Marcia Thayer. The Copeland family traces their family back to Lawrence Copeland who arrived in Plymouth Colony from England in 1630. Lawrence's grandson (and ancestor of Al's) married Mary Bass, the granddaughter of John Alden and Pricilla Mullins of Mayflower fame, making Al a direct descendant of theirs. The Thayer family also has roots in the colony, having arrived before 1640. It is known that members of the Alden, Copeland, Thayer and Packard families intermarried during the 1600's. (Clara Packard was the mother of Lucy Lossner - see below)

Unfortunately, Jennie Thayer, died just 11 days after Al's birth. Al and his father moved in with Harvey's' parents. When Harvey married Katherine Ellen Stuart on January 21, 1904, little Al remained with his grandparents who raised him to adulthood. Harvey and Kate subsequently had a son and daughter. At some point Al lived with them but returned to his grandparent's home.

Al enlisted in the US Calvary in 1918 and server in Arizona for a year. When his enlistment expired at the end of WW I he reenlisted, serving in Hawaii in 1919 and 1920. While in the service he wrote stories and poetry. Two poems were about "Lucile" a teen he had met before enlisting. After returning home, he married Edith Elsholz. on December 30, 1922. On October 20, 1925 a daughter was born, not surviving the day. The two were divorced some time later.

Al started keeping time with Lucy (Lossner) Cecora who was also divorced. (The subject of his poems?) and in 1930 she became pregnant. She left Cleveland to have the baby and the child was subsequently made available for adoption. It is doubtful that Al had anything to say in the situation.

In 1933 Al married Sue Palinchik . Their family included:
Rita Mae born in 1935
Jean Marie, 1938
Irene, 1939,
John Alden, 1943
Marilyn, 1946

Al had served in the Ohio National Guard between 1932 and 1935 in addition to his previous service. He was a truck driver (presumably the closest he could get to the Calvary) and continued in that occupation while he could.. While still in his 30's Al suffered a heart attack. That and other health problems forced him to stay at home, starting in his 40's For many years it was up to Sue to support the family. He loved his garden and it is said that he grew beautiful roses.

Alden J Copeland was born to Eternal life on November 20, 1967
Sue followed in death on January 8, 1999 at the age of 94. .