Abagail Amelia Doolittle
 (1851 - 1926)

Abagail Amelia Doolittle was born on Jan 18 1851 one of five children of Chauncy Butler Doolittle and Delight A Dean.

On the 14th of February, 1872 Abigail married Oscar James Thayer.  . The family resided in Sumerset, Niagra, New York. They had two daughters, Jennie Marcia and Nelie Cordelia.

He was a carpenter and joiner.(cabinet maker) He died in New York on Christmas in 1879. 

In 1889 Abbie (Doolittle) Theyer moved to 39 Bolivar in Cleveland, Ohio with daughters Jennie and Nellie. In about 1891 they moved to 281 Scovill (close East side) Both girls were school teachers

 Abigail died in Cleveland on 21 February, 1926.  She is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Cleveland next to her daughter Jennie Marcia Thayer Copeland (there is no headstone).