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Prayer Crusade
for the
Islamic People

Knight in Prayer


The tip of the sword of our crusader is embedded in the soil and his head is bowed in humble submission to the will of God. We strive not to prove our right, but to ask God to bring wisdom, love and peace to all mankind.

You are invited to join this Christian Crusade. It is not one bent on conquest and destruction, there has been too much of that. It is, rather a crusade of love and prayer that we may find in our prayers the common belief in One True God, Creator of the Universe and Father of us all. We ask God for wisdom and enlightenment for ourselves as Christians and for the people of Islam. We were all created by the One True God and He Created us as brothers and sisters.

This Crusade is initiated and inspired by the knowledge that God responds to our prayers as evidenced by the conversion of Russia. Their leaders, in their greed for power had rejected Christianity and forced their people into ways contrary to the will of God. They took advantage of the gift of free will to accomplish their own ends but in doing so, prohibited the exercise of free will to their own people. They attempted to force their ways upon other people. Christians prayed and God answered. The Communist government collapsed and their people restored themselves to God's care. It can be done again. This is what we seek to accomplish with this prayerful crusade.


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