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The On-Line Chapel is always open and is a place of prayer, meditation and compilation for your convenience any time you need it. ... All are invited.

The chapel at the right is located on the ground floor of Casa Papa Giovanni in the town of Assisi, Italy. Imagine yourself there in the quiet peacefulness it affords.

The membrane separating Heaven and Earth is very thin in this place.

Peace be with you ... and with your spirit.

The On-Line Vertual Chapel

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The links on this page are intended as a resource for prayer and inspiration for those times, day or night when the comfort of Faith is needed. Let it be your personal computer based chapel.
Just click on the graphic to follow the links.

You will find a meditive music video at the bottom of the page.


prayer daily-inspiration
3-Minute Retreats invite you to take
a short prayer break
right at your computer.
Spend some quiet time
reflecting on a Scripture passage.
What does it mean to pray?
How can I pray?
How can I help myself and others
to deepen our prayer lives?
What are traditional Catholic prayers?
Words of Wisdom
Daily Inspiration
Positive Thoughts
Your armor for the day


Word On Fire Comentary   Word On Fire Commentary Fr Barron  
  These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Fr. Robert Barron.  The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at  
    Saints & Angels Saint
    About them Feast Days Patron Saints By Category Saint of the Day
St Julie Church   St Julie Billiart Church
  Visit my parish Church.
Discover their ministries and more.

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You are cordially invited to visit the following web sites and also invited to join them.

Badge - Use the Intrenet Responsibly Crusade Knight at Prayer Click to go to the Crusade.
Use the Internet Responsibly
The Order of
St Isidore of Seville 
Prayer Crusade
for the
Islamic People


A meditive music video just for you.

Make yourself comfortable and start a video. Watch it or just close your eyes and let the peace of it wash over you. Be at peace with God and the world.

Please excuse the advertisements. They sometimes come with the free use of the videos and are beyond my control..






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